It all began in 1925 – when Hotel Majestic Saigon was established by the richest Chinese businessman in Saigon at the time, Mr. Bui Hon Hoa. Since then, we are proud to be the first five-star hotel to be managed by Vietnamese hoteliers. Today, Hotel Majestic Saigon is known as the Hotel of Heritage – Hospitality – Elegance.

1925: the hotel was established by the Hui Bon Hoa company, situated right on the corner of Rude de Catinat (Dong Khoi Street) and Quai de Belgique (Ton Duc Thang Street), featuring 4 stories and 44 guestrooms in French style architecture and design.

1951: After the war in Vietnam, the French government had to make a retreat and handed the Hotel over to Saigon authorities.

1968: Two more stories were developed, adding one international conference hall, one restaurant, and more guestrooms. Later, the Hotel was renamed Hoàn Mỹ, or “”Perfection,”” whose initials HM inspired Hotel Majestic.

1985: Managed by Saigontourist Company (a state-owned company), it featured 99 guestrooms of different room grades, a European restaurant, an Asian restaurant, a souvenir shop, etc.

1995: After rescontruction and improvement, the Hotel resumed operation with 122 guestrooms, which included 30 suites, with additional services such as Business Center, coffee shop, swimming pool, a gym, spa, and massage.

2003: A new 8-storey wing was incorporated into the existing building, adding 54 guestrooms, Serenade Restaurant, and Bellevue Bar (M Bar now).

2007: Honored and set a national record as the first Vietnamese-managed hotel to be promoted to five-star status (29/02/2007).

2015: Hotel Majestic Saigon celebrated its 90-year anniversary.

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